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Kaleidoscope colorschemes

Kaleidoscope colorschemes
VisFX 1.0
    This one is brighter than its predecessor, and sports many visual effects (hence the name). Believe it or don't, they all come from either ResEdit or GraphicConverter.
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Isaac 1.4
    This color scheme... well, what can we say, it's just really really dark. (The airplane warning lights on the corners of windows help though.) Even the Apple menu is dark. It's named for Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered the... sorry. Anyway, it's named Isaac because it looks like a Newton (MessagePad that is) :-).
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Who Knows? 1.0
    Our first real color scheme, this is a nice blue-on-yellow (green-on-yellow when you click on something). Very interesting to say the least. (In case you're wondering, we called it Who Knows? because we couldn't think of a name. :-)
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